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1. What Is The Harrison Act?
In 1914 the first criminal law at the Federal Goverment level was to criminalize use of non-medical drugs.

2. Making Communication Priority!
Communication means sharing, and sharing encourages our children open up to us.

3. Helping Teenage Girls Redirect Their Focus
Our young daughters need guidance

4. Helping Our Teenagers Through Their Phase.
Are young adults do have issues of their own

5. Children and Cursing
While we may not be able to control what is shown on TV, we can definitely control what our kids watch on TV!

6. Effective Boundaries For kids
Setting boundaries for our children does not mean we love them less or that we are being mean and difficult. On the contrary, it shows we are responsible parents and care greatly for our kids. Find out simple and effective restrictions you can set at home.

7. Help your child quit stealing
Stealing, like every bad behavior should not be condoned or excused. If your kid or a family member is in the habit of taking things that do not belong to him, you should be concerned. Learn here how you can help them quit.

8. Self Esteem For Toddlers
Helping our kids find their self esteem early in life is the greatest gift we can give to them as parents.

9. War on Drugs in 2007
Ten steps to help bring awareness to the failed 'War on Drugs'.

10. Help For Kids Dealing with Addiction Problems
For kids dealing with addictions of any kind, please know that Addiction is not a fight you can handle all by yourself.

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